Mechel Henry, M.D.
Physiatry & Medical-Legal Consulting
Dr. Mechel Henry is a Board Certified Physiatrist and Medical-Legal Consultant with knowledge in multiple specialties, including rehabilitation, pain management, sports medicine, brain and spinal cord injuries.
Physiatry (pronounced fizz-i-a-tree) is the field of medicine concerned with a person's ability to perform everyday activities, such as walking, working, speaking, dressing, and more complex actions like playing sports, following injury or disease. Dr. Henry's diagnosis, treatment, and analysis is aimed at returning patients to as normal a condition as possible.
1300 Clay Street, Suite 600
Oakland, CA 94612

1875 Century Park East Suite 600
Los Angeles, CA, 90067

Phone/Fax: 866.397.7772

Garage and Metered Parking available at both locations. Oakland office BART accessible via 12th Street Oakland City Center Station.

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Now located in Oakland and LA
Dr. Henry also works as a healthcare consultant and is available for speaking and lecture engagements.
Dr. Henry's expanse of services include Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine, Medical-Legal Consulting, Electromyography Diagnostic Testing, and Treatment for Cervical Dystonia.
Pet Therapy 
Rehabilitation from Injuries and Disease
Dr. Henry's mission is to empower people through her medical knowledge. She provides a compassionate analysis of complex medical problems to encourage healing and to reinstate dignity.
Performing Careful Diagnosis, Treatment, and Analysis
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